A picture a day keeps the soul awake #48


Pink sunset. Paris, France

La Fashion Week Parisienne!

I´m not a big fashion person, I have no idea about what people are wearing or what the trends are, I can only name big designers and fashion houses like Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci; but when you live in the fashion capital of the world, you suddenly start getting a little bit more aware of it, you hear about it everywhere and when you´re going for a casual walk in the Tuileries, BOOM it hits you! you´re in the middle of Fashion Week holy ground.

I remember the first blog I ever saw (years ago!!) was The Sartorialist, I loved the photography (I´m not a fashion fan but I´m a photography one),  just random people in different cities of the world and their personal street style. The man behind the lens (and the website)  is Scott Schuman, who I got the chance to see today!


His girlfriend is none other than Garance Doré , coincidentally the only fashion blog I like and that I´ve been reading for quite some time now(besides her boyfriend´s), I love her pictures, her writing style, her illustrations, her honesty, and just how neat her website is (photography and design-wise), but mostly, I love her personality (which I can tell by her videos, not because I know her! ), seeing a person that genuine and nice in such a fake and superficial world is not something you see everyday. When I shy-fully asked her for a picture (I hate doing that), she was just the nicest person ever .


This little lady is pretty known in the fashion bizz for being the Editor in Chief for french Vogue (who knew huh?!). Carine Roitfeld


Other personality, italian fashion journalist and designer Anna Dello Russo


And last but now least, for all Project Runway fans: Nina García


A weekend in the Amazonas

For this post, I wanted to take you guys somewhere where nature is all there is: the Amazonas.

Not so long ago I had a couple of weeks off and I decided to go to visit my family in Venezuela. Once there me and my cousins, who luckily are all mostly my age, planned to go for a weekend to Canaima, a national park in the southeastern part of Venezuela, right in the border with Guyana and Brazil, in the middle of the Amazonian forest.


Once we got there (in a very unstable little plane by the way), we were received at our camping lodge. Installed and ready to go, we were introduced to Isaac, our native guide, and we headed off to see some of the waterfalls.


Something that really called our attention there was the terracota color of the river… It looked like a river filled with Coke. But then Isaac explained that the reason for it to be that color is is due to the amount of minerals and decomposed plant sediments the water pushes across with its flow, and that the pink-ish color you see is due to the quartz contained in it.


The only way to get to the waterfalls is navigating through the river in a boat called “Curiara” that its more like a canoe but a little wider.





After bathing on top of the waterfalls and exploring a bit of the area, we went back to our camping site to rest for the next couple of days.

We woke up early in the morning, we had to hop on the curiara and we were headed for a 7 hours boat ride right to the Angel Waterfalls.

Those were the seven longest and at the same time most beautiful hours I’ve spent in my life. Longest just because sitting down for that amount of time in a piece of wood is not what you could call a 5 star seat, but then all along the ride, the landscapes were something out of this world. You’ll notice on the pictures the “Tepuys”, which are table-top mountains mostly composed of sheer blocks of precambrian quartz arenites and stone that rise abruptly from the jungle. “Tepuy” in Pemon (the native tongue of the indigenous people living in this region) means “House of the gods”… It is something absolutely breathtaking when seen in real life.


After seven hours in the Curiara, we finally got to see for the first time the Auyantepuy, the house of the Angel Falls, the world’s tallest uninterrupted waterfall with with a height of 979 m (3,212 ft). Once there, we finally stopped the boat, stretched our legs, and starting hiking onto the base of the waterfall. It was about one hour and thirty minutes walking up in the pure jungle.


Being there, at the base of this natural wonder, reminded me how small we are, in a literal and philosophical way. This is one of the things we, as humans, can’t dominate, so you have o surrender to it, and as cheesy as it might sound, it was a very liberating moment, just being there in front of this prehistorical natural beauty.

Unfortunately we had to descend pretty quickly, and by quickly I mean running, because in the jungle, the sunlight goes out at 17h, and once that happens, it is very probable that you will have to stay there in the wilderness until the next day.

We arrived to a little camp that the Pemons had prepared for us, with native food and hamacs. We ate and when it was time to fall asleep, as tired as we were, it was a bit scary just being there in the open air in the wild.


The beautiful part was waking up to this view (and this is how I finish my post):


La Caféothèque de Paris

Today Laura and I had coffee in a beautiful place right near the Quai de l´Hotel de Ville. I read about it in a blog and I wanted to go badly. It was everything I imagined but bigger, the little outside says nothing about the place but when you get in you immediately feel cozy. There are different areas, each one cozier than the other one, my favorite was the last one where you feel like in a Costa Rican terrace.

Coffee is their specialty, they have it from different parts of the world, they put a lot of effort making your cup and it´s beautifully served. They also have pastries, quiche served with salad and other little dishes.

No check here, you´ll get a post-it with your order and on your way out you stop by the cash-register  near the door and pay your dues.

photo 1

photo 2

photo 3

La Caféothèque de Paris

52 Rue de l´Hotel de ville

Paris 75004

T.: 01 53 01 83 84

Open: everyday from 9.30 a.m to 7.30 p.m.

2 days in Lisbon

So this december I decided to go home (Caracas) at the last minute to spend New Year´s Eve with my family. The cheapest ticket I found was with TAP via Lisbon, I´ve never been to Portugal so the decision was made in a second! I took this great opportunity to spend 2 days in Lisbon before going home.

I bought my Lonely Planet guide like I religiously do, packed my bags and headed out!


The airport is really near to the center of the city (a taxi to Marques de Pombal will cost you around 11€). I stayed in Lisbon Dreams Guesthouse , a lovely, cosy and beautiful place that I strongly recommend (I found it through Tripadvisor, it had so many good reviews and a great price, so I ran to book it and I took the last room!). This place is the perfect example of modern travel, a guesthouse with beautiful design rooms, neat shared bathrooms, helpful and friendly staff, it feels like you´re staying in a friend´s house. You can keep whatever food you want in the fridge and just go to the kitchen at anytime, you have complimentary portuguese wine and pastries all day long, a nice terrace where you can lay when the sun is out (practically always). It´s a super relax atmosphere, kids go to breakfast in their pjs, young people are hanging around in the common areas, everyone respects everyone.



If there´s one word that describes Lisbon I would say is: Melancholic. A pastel-colored city with a sad kind of beauty, calm and peaceful (at least in the winter). Portugal has the best weather in Europe, I was there in the last days of december and there was not a cloud in the sky and the temperature even got to 19 C.


My favorite thing was without a doubt Alfama, the oldest district of Lisbon. I would recommend wandering through all the little labyrinth-like streets where you´ll see beautiful tile buildings, moorish influence and fado places. A wonderful place to get a great view of the city is Miradouro de Santa Luzia, and in the top of Alfama you´ll find the Castelo Sao Jorge getting also an amazing view.






Now, regarding the famous Tram 28, I didn´t take it, I´m more of a walking kind of gal, I find it to be the best way to really know a city. This tram does a great journey but is always packed with people and if you´re not seating on the edges you wont get a good view. If you´re not in the best shape to walk around then I definetly suggest taking it.


Lisbon is a great weekend getaway! Just a little less than a 2 hour flight from Paris and you´re in a completely different setting with amazing weather. Flights are not expensive with a lot of lowcost airlines flying there, and the city itself is pretty cheap compared to the rest of Europe. So come on! We can all use a sunny weekend!

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